Tuesday, August 25, 2009

photos by craig mcdean

I always leave things off until the last minute, including paking. I leave my dear, dear garden state tomorrow morning and will be returning to the nutmeggers of Connecticut. I'm pretty excited since I haven't seen my school friends all summer, but I don't think it's hit me that I actually have to go back to school. Which means that in a few short days I will be waking up at 8am every. single. day. And I am so NOT a morning person...so that should be interesting. I think I've done pretty well so far with packing up all my clothes. Definitely much better than in previous years. I guess practice makes perfect. I think it also helps that I've been working at a clothing store and have acquired sick nasty folding skills.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My laptop is dead and all the way in my room, so I'm writing this from my phone while I watch tv downstairs. Anyway, the point of this post is to discuss the fact that CSI is not the same without Grisam and Sarah. I still love the show, don't get me wrong but the chemistry of the cast is just not the same. I think it bothers me more than it shouldm good thing that spike always has day long marathons of the old seasons. Downside to that? I've definitely already seen them all.

I miss the shore. This summer was sort of horrible in the fact that we didn't take day trips to Point Pleasant or Seaside...which is kind of a travesty. It's pretty much a sin to live in New Jersey and not frequently visit the shore. I'm a bit of a disgrace, I guess.

Zoe Saldana looks smoking in her new Vanity Fair shoot in Harlem. The setting of the pictures is SO cool. Very retro and glamorous. Lovin it! Just click on the pics for a bigger view.

credit foto decadent

I'm going through this weird phase where I'm obsessed with really dark purpley colors. I think it all started when I found this really cool nail polish by NYC called West Village. It's way darker than I thought when I bought it, but it's actually pretty cool. Looks kind of black but in the light it's got a very rich, deep purple/blue color to it. Definitely cool.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

credit foto decadent

Why is it that I get the sudden urge to write at the worst possible times? Brilliantly amazing ideas always strike me when I'm driving, for some reason. I think it's the CD's that I have in my car...but maybe not, since I don't feel any more creative listening to them while in bed. I don't know what it is about driving. Maybe it's cause driving is very soothing and relaxing. I know, I know, I'm from New Jersey, how could driving be soothing when everyone on the road is an asshole. Kidding, of course. I love New Jersey drivers. Anyway, I always have a million and one super awesome and eloquent ideas in my head when I drive, but as soon as I get to a computer or paper my brain nose dives and I can never come up with anything good. It's like my brain just fails to function. Blah.

Just got a crackberry blackberry. Still trying to figure out how to use it. This might be the most complicated thing ever...and I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy. What a blow to my ego.
picture credit here
Before I go to sleep, just thought I'd post this really awesome thing I stumbled upon while surfing the web - The Music Tee. It's a tee shirt that has an album cover on the front, the playlist on the back, and a URL where you can download the CD free of charge. How sweet is that? If I weren't a broke college student, I'd totally buy myself one of these!

AUGUST 19TH, 2009

So, I don't know why I'm deciding to start a blog, I just am...Which is why I'm going to skip the introductions and just run with it. Tomorrow, though, since it's currently 3:58 here in New Jersey. Why have I become such a night owl recently?